Incompetent General Master Named Joe D. Lovelace

An Incompetent General Master Named Joe D. Lovelace And Florida's Useless 6th Circuit Family Court

My daughter, Jacklyn was born in Clearwater, Florida in June of 2002 and by July 2002 her mother, Joan Dougherty was uncontrollable and displaying serious signs of violent behavior that her doctor assumed were a result of the baby blues, but after it escalated to the point of child abuse - I left. I hired a Florida lawyer, petitioned the Pinellas County Court for custody of my daughter and moved out of Florida State. By the middle of August 2002, I was back in New York living with my parents and in the fight for my child’s life.

Enter General Master Joe D. Lovelace and the Sixth Circuit Court of Florida State. Joe D. Lovelace is a General Master of Florida’s Sixth Circuit Court in Pinellas County Florida. So he’s not just a family Judge – he’s a General Master – a more experienced family judge in the system - or at least that's what the Sixth Circuit Court web site will tell you. But he's not. And I have labeled him incompetent because of his courtroom behavior, courtroom decisions/recommendations and lack there of…

Joe D. Lovelace was assigned to my Pinellas County Florida divorce case sometime before November 2002 and was the Judge of the November 1, 2002 hearing. Up until then, my child’s mother Joan Dougherty or Joni as she wishes to be called, refused me contact with my daughter Jacklyn and also harassed me, my family, my friends, my employer and even the court for child support that the court hadn’t ordered yet and so she demanded this hearing, the first of many, because she had no money!

On November 1, 2002, General Master Joe D. Lovelace heard (see transcript) testimony from Joni that she was unemployed, had no money to provide the necessities for Jacklyn, like food and shelter, couldn’t pay the utilities or the rent in the apartment they shared and was getting evicted. At that time, Jacklyn was 5 months old and needed routine infant care, which Joni wasn’t capable of providing. Additionally, GM Lovelace heard Joni testify that her truck, the only source of transportation she had, was getting repossessed.

Joni was homeless – unemployed – financially broke - and without transportation. So this meant that Jacklyn too was homeless and now a recipient of Florida State assistance program (food stamps) until the Sixth Circuit Court and General Master Joe D. Lovelace make a change.

I testified to loving Jacklyn, having a job and being able to provide food, clothing and shelter for her. I also testified that I was willing to give Jacklyn a stable home life and I was able to.

After this hearing I thought this was a no brainer. But it wasn’t. And it was soon that I would learn that nothings a no brainer for the Family Court of the Sixth Circuit Court in Pinellas County or this Incompetent General Master named Joe D. Lovelace.

Three weeks later, General Master Joe D. Lovelace ordered Jacklyn to stay with Joni, but made it clear that I was allowed to visit Jacklyn once a month in Florida, as long as I had a car seat when I came. That’s right a car seat – General Master Joe D. Lovelace made no mention of the child missing routine doctor’s visits or being homeless and in the care of a very violent person and abusive person – Joni - but as long as I had a car seat when I visited – Jacklyn was ok.

With a decision like this, where a homeless and unemployed individual with a violent past and a questionable mental status is selected to remain the daily caretaker of a 5-month-old child, especially when a loving, caring and stable, biological parent is able and willing to do the same. Florida’s Sixth Circuit Court General Master Joe D. Lovelace is more than incompetent – he's immoral...

It doesn't stop there - Joe D. Lovelace is assigned the Final Hearing in 2007 and doesn’t review all of the case file - and says so on record – coming soon.

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