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I created this page to help tell the real story of my custody battle and to expose the miscarriage of justice handed down by the Judges of the Sixth Circuit Court in Pinellas County Florida. Like Raymond Gross, Nancy Moate- Ley, General Magistrate Joe D. Lovelace, George Jirotka and Pam Cambpell. And the response has been overwhelming – a lot of emails are how good it is to see a parent fight for his child when the Family Court responsible for “divorcing” the parents has failed and ignored what’s right for the child involved. Others, are mostly from fellow litigants in similar cases involving the same (Sixth)Circuit Court Judges, and they all agree that the Family Division of this Court is riddled with problems and tell me of their own troubles and proof of the Judicial misconduct they receive. So I have created this newspage to write these facts on and I will continue to use this page for the latest news and updates of my case.

July 8, 2002, Joan Dougherty freaks out and starts smacking and punching Jacklyn our 4 week old daughter while I'm holding her. So I flee the apartment with Jacklyn and call 911 from a neighbor's apt. This is where it all starts... The arriving Pinellas County deputies aren’t smart enough to understand this domestic dispute call and how the father – me – has the child and the mother – Joan Dougherty doesn’t. I tell them, that this child and I have just been assaulted. That’s why I’m in the neighbor’s apt. with the child and the mother’s locked herself in my apt calling the police and marking herself with her hair brush.

August - September 2002 The Dissolution of Marriage Case 02-8290 is created in Pinellas County Sixth Circuit Court:

Our first hearing is set for November 2002 with a Judge by the name of Joe D. Lovelace. Joe Lovelace is a General Magistrate “a more experienced Judge”. Joe Lovelace listens to Joni’s testimony (see transcripts) where she’s been unemployed and was just evicted from the apartment and now receiving Florida State aid – food stamps. I testify to having a job and wanting to see my daughter. I explain that Joni hasn’t let me see Jacklyn since August 2002. And he allows me some time with Jacklyn in the waiting room outside his court. But two weeks later, this “more experienced Judge” writes the first court order and it allows me contact and visitation with Jacklyn as long as I have a car seat. What!! Well, because of this ridiculous order By Joe D. Lovelace, I created a whole separate page for him altogether, see page entitled Incompetent General Master Joe D. Lovelace page.

January 2003 while I have no luck with Joni on visits or with just getting any information on Jacklyn, I try to see my daughter and get the general knowledge using the Florida Family Court System. I file an objection to the GM recommendation. And in the meanwhile I contact Jacklyn’s pediatrician to find out what her condition is and he informs me that Jacklyn hasn’t even been to their office for her scheduled checkups or routine visits in several weeks. I am stunned, but not surprised. Joni is neglecting Jacklyn by not taking Jacklyn to her pediatrician. So Immediately I forward the doctor’s note over to my lawyer, who in turn forwards it to the Pinellas County Court, hoping they’d be interested in what Joan Dougherty is NOT doing for Jacklyn – but the Pinellas Court refused to acknowledge the pediatricians report so I contact Florida’s Department of Children and Families and ask them to investigate. I tell them that I haven’t seen Jacklyn in months and that Joni recently testified to being evicted from the apt and (that I just learned) Jacklyn hasn’t been seen by her pediatrician for months and that Joni is an abusive and very violent person with a history of mental instability. DCF informs me they will check it out. A week later, DCF follows up with me. “Mr. Jacob we went to the house and there was food in the fridge – we won’t be following up further”

I can’t believe this – and I attempt to contact local father’s groups and news media groups for help exposing this case while Joni continues to refuse me contact or information on Jacklyn and while the Family Court – Pinellas Court, drags it’s feet on setting hearings and enforcing the visitation order.

February 2003 – New Judge. Judge Raymond Gross has a hearing on my objection to the GM and Judge Gross re-writes the visitation order, allowing me overnight weekend visitation with Jacklyn, see order dated Feb. 2003.

March 2003 - I attempt to contact Joni via a fax notice detailing my intent to visit with Jacklyn for that month - April. But Joni takes the fax – and calls the Hillsborough County Sheriff and reports the contact as a violation of injunction (the injunction is a result of the July 8, 2002 night when Joni punched me and Jacklyn). So I get a notice of violation from them – despite the Pinellas County Court order dated February 2003 by Judge Raymond Gross (see Feb 12, 2003 visitation order) that allows both telephone (fax) contact and weekend visitation. So I learn that’s its clear, these 2 counties have no method of sharing visitation/injunction orders with each other and after I send a copy of the visitation order to The Hillsborough (Plant City) Court, they immediately drop the charges against me. I ask the (Plant City) Assistant District Attorney to prosecute Joni for filing a false report but none gets filed.

April 2003 and I have my first hearing for (Motion for) Contempt against Joni with Pinellas County Judge Raymond Gross. I appear in Florida with my attorney and Jacklyn’s biological grandparents hoping to finally see Jacklyn since August 2002. But Joni refuses in court and Judge Gross states for the record that Joni’s refusing Visitation (see transcripts) but fails to enforce it. So even though Judge Gross wrote an order allowing me visitation with my daughter just 2 months before and I’m in Florida to see Jacklyn, I don’t, Joni refused, Judge Gross did nothing about it – and I don’t see Jacklyn, so my parents and fly back home broken hearted. Next month (May 2003) I receive a notice that Judge Raymond Gross recused himself.

By August 2003 there’s a new Judge on the Case, named Nancy Moate-Ley and a hearing is set for later in the month. Judge Ley hears my second Motion of Contempt a against Joni and although Judge Nancy Moate-Ley doesn’t hold Joni in contempt for refusing me visitations, like the one in court just 3 months prior, Judge Moate-Ley orders the next transfer at the Hillsborough County Sherriff’s office for the second weekend of September 2003 at 6:00pm. I wouldn’t learn until later when I arrive for this visit that the HCSO office is closed by 6:00pm and there’s no telephone or sheriff personal available in the case of an emergency.

September 2003 - After over a year of being refused visitation by Joni and getting absolutely no help from this “Family Court”, I finally see Jacklyn.

October 2003 – I pick up Jacklyn and immediately I notice she smells of cigarette smoke and she’s coughing. I ask Joni if Jacklyn’s ok and Joni says she is. But later that night and into the next morning Jacklyn’s cough’s don’t get better. So the next morning I call Joni and she refuses me any information on Jacklyn like who her doctor is or if Jacklyn is currently taking any medicine for her cough. So I take Jacklyn to a local pediatrician. And he prescribes antibiotics. I tell the doctor that Joni refuses me visits and any info on Jacklyn for over a year and that I don’t know the child’s history, so could he please prescribe a non allergic medicine. He does. But meanwhile and I didn’t know this, but Joni had called the Hillsborough Sheriff alleging that I fled Florida with Jacklyn – this lie caused some serious problems and Hillsborough Sheriff ends up checking many of the airlines for departures out of Florida. These fucking idiots went as far as calling my parents threatening them as to my location. You dumb Fucks!!! Jacklyn and I never left Florida – I never said we were – Joni is a fucking liar because Jacklyn and I were at the park each day having lunch and fun while these morons chased half way around the country because of baseless allegations - Joni’s lies. I return Jacklyn to Joni on Sunday at the Hillsborough County sheriff’s Office as planned. With the medicine for Jacklyn and to face this ridiculous kidnapping allegation. Joni flips out telling the HCSO that I’m not a doctor and refuses to give Jacklyn the cough medicine prescribed to her by the local pediatrician. Wow!! Joan Dougherty is sick – but no one picks up on it.

November 2003 - I fly down to see Jacklyn and because of the constant (telephone) harassment by Joni in NY to my parents, we had a restraining Nassau County restraining order in place. So for this I had to have her served. I met the process server at the HCSO for him to serve Joni papers on this NY part of the case. And when Joni shows up with Jacklyn, they both get out. But Joni notices the process server moving towards her and throws Jacklyn back into the car and speeds off. Joni doesn’t even buckle Jacklyn in to her seat before she speeds off. The process server hops in his car and follows Joni to a traffic light where he serves her the papers. I later learned Joni called 911 and reported some strange and violent man is following her and needs a police man to protect her. But back at the Sheriff’s Office I saw Jacklyn for a minute. And then Joni took her away. I tell the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s what just took place and they say they can’t do anything about it. Figures. But you don’t understand, the Pinellas County Court who ordered the transfer here tells me I can see my daughter – “oh you have to go to Pinellas Court then”

2004 - The Pinellas County Family Court refuses to schedule any hearings for the entire year.

December 2004 I request an Emergency Holiday Visit hearing so Jacklyn and I can spend Christmas together and by now it’s another new Judge, Judge number 3, George Jirotka. Judge George Jirotka doesn’t even listen to my request for holiday visitation and denies it. This guy “George Jirkofa” as I call him winds up being the next top moron of the Useless Sixth Circuit Court in Pinellas County Florida..

On one occasion after picking Jacklyn up from Joni at this Sherriff’s Office I see a scratch on Jacklyn and Joni refuses to tell me what happened or why it was there. So I report this "mark" as child abuse to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. I should have known that nothing would get done about it. Because the Det. asks me a few questions takes a couple pictures of the mark and then asks Joni a few questions. I heard she told the Det, that I did it. Another bullshit lie by Joan Dougherty. But this Det and the HCSO doesn't do anything more about it ends up dropping the child abuse case.

I don't give up, although the system is proving to be terribly broken and not working at all for my child, I continue to take Joni to court for abusing Jacklyn and refusing me contact. My next Motion of Contempt against Joni is heard by George Jirotka and the case gets adjourned. Nothing happens.

December 2005 I ask the Pinellas family Court again for Holiday Visitation, but this time in NY. Judge George Jirotka refuses me Holiday (Christmas) time with Jacklyn again – no questions asked. I’m pissed.

Joni continues to play games with Jacklyn's whereabouts, visitations school and doctor information. So I request that the case is heard - it's been over four years and the court hasn't finalized the case.

A letter I sent to the editor of the St Pete Times newspaper appears on their webpage – it details the troubles I faced with the Pinellas County Sixth Circuit Court. But I don't hear anything further.

I launch Jacklyn Jacob webpage. I Love you Jacklyn!!

A Producer of a local news media group contacts me and inquires on the video on Jacklynjacob.com and other details of the case. Although he shows a real interest in possibly doing an expose or reporting this - I wait to hear back from him.

I send a letter to both Joni and the Clerk of The Sixth Circuit Court of Pinellas County - asking them why should I continue to pay child support for Jacklyn when Joni doesn't allow me the visitations with her and the court hasn't ever enforced the order.

So here we are - The Sixth Circuit Court of Pinellas County isn't willing and able to correct this non compliant behavior of Ms. Dougherty - and that leaves me two choices; (1) Continue to support Joni and her non compliant behavior or (2) Refuse Joni the child support and protest both her and the courts lack of compliance.. It's simple - No visitation and No Enforcement of the Court Order for visitation = No support!!! The State can put Joan Dougherty back on food stamps - like they did in 2002..

Joni discovers the website and mails pages from it to the Sixth Circuit Court asking for an injunction to shut the site down.. Well, my message to her is this - The Truth Hurts and Censorship is Un-American. So until you comply with the courts order and make Jacklyn available to me for regular visitations, this website will remain online and continue to detail your mental instability, exposing your criminal behavior and revealing your complete failure at facilitating a loving relationship between Jacklyn and I.

May 2006. After a week of not being able to reach Joni – I call the local police department and ask them to check and see if Jacklyn is ok – Kissimmee police (see KPD report) reports Jacklyn’s fine – and in their report it clearly stats that mother has been ignoring the father’s calls and emails on purpose.

Late 2006 - I get the news that a final date has been set before the general Master Joe Lovelace. He's the Judge that first screwed this case up by allowing Joni, an unemployed homeless woman to care for Jacklyn. And the same Judge that I filed a complaint against with Florida’s Judicial Qualifications Committee.

January 2007 – The case is finally heard by GM Joe D. Lovelace and he's had a month or so to review the case file. So I provide all the information I have, like the doctors' notes, the pictures of abuse, the court papers allowing me contact, the several outstanding motions of contempt against Joni for refusing the visitations, the travel costs and attorney bills for all the missed visits and court dates, the court transcripts from April 2003 where Judge Gross states for the record that Joni is refusing visitations. I even show the video (see video Dec 2004) of Joni attacking Jacklyn and I at transfer. The General Master Joe D. Lovelace sees it all over the course of the day and I feel confident that even a idiot like him can't screw this up a second time. But he does. And when his report titled, General Magistrate Final Recommendation finally comes to me in the mail, I am sickened when I read it. This guy favors Joni as Jacklyn’s primary parent and he ignores the several motions of contempt I supplied and that are on file against Joni for refusing to allow me the visitations. I have proven that Joni filed the false report of violation and assault in March 2003 and Joni herself even testified to kidnapping Jacklyn and Joe D. Lovelace doesn’t do anything about it. I am bewildered. This useless Judge doesn’t even allow Jacklyn visitation with me in New York and he also denies Jacklyn and I any make up visitations or Holiday Visitations.

February 2007 – Immediately I file my objection to General Master Lovelace’s Final Recommendation. And the hearing is scheduled for April 2007 with Circuit Court Judge, George Jirotka. You must be kidding me! Jirkofa hears my objections and admits on record he never read them or reviewed the case file and just simply signs off on the ruling ratifying the Final report and recommendation by Gm Joe D. Lovelace. I can’t believe this.

So I mail Joe D. Lovelace a letter explaining my opinion on his final ruling. He doesn’t like it – to say the least.

So I file another formal complaint against him and George Jirotka with the Chief Judge Morris. And Morris follows up with me that he "discussed the matter" with Joe D. Lovelace and found no Judicial Misconduct and will do anything more. What!! You have the proof all on record with the court. I reply with my displeasure and Chief Judge Morris' second correspondence to me, advises me to seek legal assistance for a possible appeal, but I can't afford an appeal. After 6 years of litigation The Florida Court should have gotten it right the first time.

December 2007. Well I have no other choice but to take Joni back to court for refusing me (Oct + Nov) visitation!!! Although I am flying down to Florida the second weekend (December 2007) in anticipation of spending the weekend with Jacklyn, it's not guaranteed that I will. . Because Joni has been refusing to accept my telephone calls or return any of my vmail messages since Sept. 2007 She's changed her email address so I can’t send her any of the visitation notices. So since she been ignoring me, she’s refused me both October 2007 and November 2007’s visit – and it appears I’m not the only one Joni’s been ignoring. Joni didn’t answer the door when the Kissimmee Police Dept visited her house on Nov 7, 2007. Joni doesn’t tell me (purposely) where Jacklyn goes to school so I couldn't tell the sheriff what school to check - and then when I did get through to Joni (coincidently the day after the sheriff visited her house) she hung up on me.. So I sent my notice of visitation for December via certified mail and then left her a vmail detailing my December visitation - Joni didn't pick up the letter - or return my call - so I sent another notice for my December visitation this time regular mail.. So here we are, the last few days of November and I’m leaving in a week for FL and Joni's been ignoring me for over two months now - she's didn’t answer the door when the sheriff came – she hasn’t picked up her certified mail – she never returned any of my calls - so let's see if she ignores the court - because I just requested a contempt hearing with the Pinellas County Court against Ms. Dougherty (4th one in 5yrs) – and they wrote the order for visitation so they are the only ones who can do anything about Ms. Dougherty refusing visitations – visitations aren’t optional…

“What Ms. Dougherty has done these past 5yrs is criminal and Pinellas County Court should have put her into jail for contempt back in 2003, but they didn’t and since her actions have continued to the point of violating the courts final order, the court will have no other choice this time but to place Ms. Dougherty in jail and transfer custody of the child to the father”.

Joni has refused me contact and visitation with my daughter Jacklyn since August – and this is December – so for over 4 mos….And I’ve been trying to get a hearing date from the Sixth Circuit Court of Pinellas County for the past 2 months now and I just learned that the Magistrate (Joe D. Lovelace) has recused himself (from the case) and the circuit judge who is now in charge of the case, George Jirotka - he isn’t setting any new hearing dates till after the new year… Ugh??? - So let’s get this straight - when a child is missing and hasn’t been seen by it’s father in over four months and even after the father requests a hearing – Pinellas County Court doesn’t get right on it and grant that hearing – no – it’s Judge, George Jirotka refuses to take any action and instead goes on an end of the year holiday break!!! Way to go George Jirotka – you are exactly what’s wrong with the Sixth Circuit Court…. Does anyone remember Judge George Jirotka??? He’s the Judge who refused to grant Jacklyn and me Christmas time together last year – but he made sure he got his Holiday time this year –

Does anyone remember Judge George Jirotka??? He’s the Judge who refused to grant Jacklyn and me Christmas time together last year – but he made sure he got his Holiday time this year –

I’ve been calling for a court date since the middle of December 2007 and even after I submitted my motion for contempt and called again for a hearing after the New Year like that lazy George Jirotka asked me to do – I get April 29th 2008 as a hearing date!! Is that the best you could do George Jirotka and the Pinellas County Courts?? Your web site says your the most efficient (Court) in the State - but really your not – you are the laziest and the least capable County Court in the State...

This web site really has made an impact - Thank You - I’ve received more emails these past few weeks than ever before and the court has even moved it's hearing date to February – instead of April.

One could say from your description that, that court of justice is just a broom closet with a name “court” on the door. A janitor, seemingly, would be more responsive than these judges to the plight of a child who is so young that the slings and arrows of life could affect, and in a very real sense would shape her entire future life. As a potential future parent, what can the effects of this present turmoil of insecurity, and the uncertainty which she now faces, infest her own future children. Will those children be born with a penchant for anti-social behavior? Doesn’t it seem outrageous that a predisposition for failure could be foisted upon a child so young? I believe a young child should be protected from anxiety, insecurity, and torment as well as unstable parents. Obviously I do not think as these judges currently do, but I have not heard “Joni’s” tale. Apparently, that these judges appear be supporting each other’s remarks and refusing to countermand each other seems to indicate membership in the good old boys club. An undocumented fraternity, which for centuries, has maintained a philosophy of lets give ourselves all the benefits of comfort, security and money our combined relative power makes available to us. The fraternity continues doing so without their members having to exercise any extra decision making, or exerting additional physical or emotional efforts, in maintaining their life style i.e. lazy SOBs. I believe you are right in your showing as little temper and anger in your argument as possible. People know that those things have to be there as a result of the frustration, anxiety and depression that comes from witnessing inept decision making and unnecessary delays. Delays that injudiciously can bend the mind of so young a child. You have my empathy and best wishes.

February 2008 - Now it’s on record in writing (see denied Motion with exhibits) that a proven Motion of Contempt was denied - Pinellas County Court wrote an order in Feb 2003 allowing me visitation with my daughter but had no intention of enforcing it. For 5yrs Joan Dougherty refused me contact with my daughter, Jacklyn. And for 5yrs I took her to court for it. But Pinellas acts as if the order to allow visitations doesn’t exist. (See respondent’s motion for contempt denied) And the reason I know this is because last week, I was in court with one of its Judges, George Jirotka, and he had the original order (Judge Gross’ 2/13/03) that allowed contact each month between me and Jacklyn, he also had the Final Report (General Master Joe D. Lovelace’s dated 1/24/07) that finalized the divorce and allowed contact to continue, plus he, George Jirotka signed an order (4/13/07) that ratified and made the final order – final. But it was clear George Jirotka had no knowledge of the order he made final – “visitation once a month”- he asked. In addition to that George Jirotka heard Joni testify that she changed her email address and received the 2 wk notice I mailed out for my December 2007 visit that she refused to make Jacklyn available for. Judge Jirotka also heard Joni’s testimony that she never refused visitation – but the Kissimmee Police report dated 12/07/07 showed different and then George Jirotka read the transcripts from my first motion of contempt back in April 2003, when then Judge Raymond Gross said for the record, that Joan Dougherty had refused visitation. Joni’s a liar. And the courts order(s) and all the time it took to write them are worthless because they don’t enforce them, even after 5yrs and at least 4 motions of contempt. My only question is this: Why would Pinellas County Court write such an order and then arrange court dates and hearings on them when they never intend to enforce them? It’s ridiculous, the Pinellas County Order allowing visitation between Jacklyn and me isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on – useless – just like them…

July 2008. Since April 2003 the Judges at Pinellas County Court knew Joan Dougherty wasn't complying with the visitation order and since then not one of them has stepped up and held her in contempt of court. And I have filed several motions of contempt. So now with another new Judge - Judge # 4, Pam Campbell - and another Motion of Contempt for refused visits and general knowledge - it’s back to a status hearing. So after the first Judge (Gross) witnessed Joni refuse visitation (April 2003) and after proving to the last Judge (Jirotka) in Feb 2008, as shown – that Joni still refuses visitations!!!!! (The "Final Order" of this divorce was written over a year and a half ago) It's a Status Hearing.

August 2008 - I finally got a hearing last week in Pinellas County Court. George Jirotka is off the case!!! And a new Judge - by the name of Pam Campbell is on. Judge Campbell has literally inherited the worst case on the docket due to her predecessors and Joni. But Judge Campbell immediately secured telephone contact between me and Jacklyn, a "web cam visitation", a visitation in Florida and finally, a "status" hearing for September.

So after the status hearing of July 25, 2008, which among other things Joni and the Judge agreed on a weekend that I could visit with Jacklyn - August 22, and excited me, this would be the first time in a year that Joni will let me see Jacklyn. But as Joni’s past behavior predicts - 1 week before the visit, Joni sent a letter to the Judge and me saying she "won't let the visit take place" - WHAT!!! I'm booked. So I go anyway. I fly down to Florida and Joni's not home – I call her and she says she won't let me see Jacklyn. Another visit refused and another 700 dollars down the drain...

So it's back to court. For another "status" hearing that had already been set for Sept. 5, 2008, again, before Pam Campbell. I appear by phone as does Joan and immediately Joni asks for the hearing to be postponed for the reason that she's working at the school and can't talk. Pam Campbell refuses to postpone it – saying the hearing was set since July 2008 and tells Joni that it's taking place with her or without her. And so for the first time it sounds like Pam Campbell is getting the understanding of Joni's lies. And so the hearing begins with Judge Pam Campbell asking about the daily telephone calls, web visit and the weekend visit that was set for the August 22, 2008 (the month before) and after I tell the Judge that Joni refused the weekend visit, Judge Campbell says she got the letter that Joni sent, saying that she (Joni) was refusing the visit and Judge Campbell says it “sickened” her. (See Second Order Establishing visitation dated Sept 5, 2008) Then Judge Campbell asked what it cost me to fly to Florida for the refused visit, and after I tell the Judge that it cost me roughly 650 dollars, but that I don't have all my receipts yet, Judge Campbell says that Joni should pay for it. Wow something my way - then Pam Campbell asked Joni about the school and doctor info that Joni's supposed to send to me without me even asking for it and Joni says she hasn’t sent it - Judge Campbell got really angry and said that I (Mr. Jacob) was supposed to have it after the July 27, 2008 hearing and then Judge Campbell ordered Joni to overnight it to me immediately. (Joni didn't) Then Judge Campbell ended the hearing, and ordered another hearing, a "Case Management Hearing" for October 24, 2008, but didn't order any changes to the visitation order, like make up visitation or hold Joni in contempt, and this boggled my mind. Especially since the Judge just said she knew Joni refused the visit and that Joni didn't send me the school or doctor info. If you know she didn’t comply why not hold her in contempt? But Judge Campbell didn't – and the hearing ended.

There’s two patterns taking place here, neither are new, but since this case (02-8290) began 7 yrs ago – they continue. The first one is Joni’s not complying with any of the court orders, like the visitation, school records, medical records and telephone contact. The second and the most disturbing is that none of the judges are holding her in contempt for doing it. Each one of these judges has sat on their big cushy seats and done nothing about it. So after 5 yrs of it – I launch this website and then they begin to complain about the website – “oh he’s saying this about us online” and “he’s angry that we’re not doing our jobs” – get real – none of this would exist if you did what’s in the best interest of my child – or simply - if you did your job. Because what you all have ignored is Jacklyn. And it shows. Your not doing what’s in the best interest of her and Jacklyn's the one suffering the most. No wonder why there are so many misfits around – the Florida Courts are mass producing them. You create these problems and you judges should be ashamed of your self – the next time you use that bullshit line in court that “I’m only interested in doing what’s in the best interest of the child here” remember you don’t and your not!!!

October 24 2008 - The Case Management Hearing. I appear before Judge Campbell, and so does Joni. I expect to see Jacklyn for the weekend and hope to hear that Joni will be held in contempt for refusing me the visitation weekend (Aug 2008) and for not sending me Jacklyn's school and medical records - but no. After Judge Campbell starts the hearing and it all gets repeated again for another hour - that Joni refused the visit in August and that she still hasn't sent me Jacklyn's medical and school records - Judge Pam Campbell doesn't do anything about it!!! No “ma’am your in contempt” or “I’m sending the sheriff to pick up the child because your not letting him see his daughter for over a year now” or even “where’s the correct school and doctor info?” NO – not even close. Judge Pam Campbell ends the hearing and says “we ran out of time" – “this hearing’s over”

I can't beleive this -

February 2009: Between November 2008 and January 2009 I call the Pinellas County Court several times asking them when will a hearing date be set to continue the October 24, 2008 hearing and last week Sue (727-582-7200) told me that "Judge Campbell" will not be setting any hearing dates for the case and that she (Pam Campbell) has returned my Emergency Motion for Holiday visit -

March 2009 - I file a complaint with Florida State's Judicial Qualifications Commission against Judge Campbell for her actions.

April 2009 – the Florida State JQC returned my complaint and found no judicial misconduct on behalf of Judge Pam Campbell’s actions. They informed me that a Judge doesn’t have to find someone in contempt even though that person has refused to comply to the judges orders. Also a Judge who wants to return an Emergency Request for Holiday Visit between them and their child - can – and a Judge can also ignore the person’s request for an Emergency Hearing or any hearing for that matter on any basis they want to. And a judge can restrict and then terminate existing visitation orders without any hearings or motions asking to do so. Wow - I didn't know.

Recently I heard on the news that a FL judge sentenced a man to 30 days in jail after he drove drunk on a Miami Street and killed a person with his car.

This case bothers me to no end. Becasue Judge Campbell knows that Joni has kept Jacklyn from me since August 2007 and it's now June 2009. And in fact today is my daughter's 7th Birthday - and I won't get a chance to see her for it because of Judge Campbell not doing anything about Joni refusing me visitation. But Happy Birthday Jacklyn - I love you!!

I hired an attorney and based on the facts - we file an "Emergency" Motion of Contempt!

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