Jacklyn Jacob Is Kidnapped By Joan Dougherty

Court Orders Visitation But Doesn't Enforce It - Joni Kidnaps Jacklyn!

February 2003 – Florida’s Sixth Circuit Court Judge Raymond Gross orders that I am allowed contact and visitation of Jacklyn each and every month, for two days. The order specifies the second weekend of each month is our visitation weekend as long as we stay in Florida State and I give Joni two weeks notice of my plans to exercise the visitation including our hotel reservations

Great – or so I think – Joni refuses me contact and fails to comply with the courts order for almost all of 2003.

So by April 2003, I take Joni to court for the first of several motions of contempt for failing to allow visitations between Jacklyn and me to take place.

April 19, 2003 - Sixth Circuit Court Family Judge Raymond Gross Hearing: Joni shows up to court with her brother and father – no Jacklyn. I’m there with my lawyer, my parents and all of the things I would need to spend a weekend with my daughter. This would be the first weekend in 8months that I would get to see Jacklyn. And by the courts order, I have notified Joni and am there to exercise visitation and address the court on Joni’s failed compliance with their order. This, my first motion against her for contempt is heard. I explain my part, that the court has allowed me contact and that I have notified Joni two weeks prior for February, March and now April’s visitation – to see Jacklyn. And up until now - Joni has refused. Joni says that she isn’t getting mail – but hasn’t changed addresses and gets court mail but not my lawyer’s mail. On and on she goes – fucking liar! But I’m sure it would be fine – because I’m thinking how could a court write an order and someone not comply? But Joni refuses me the visit and tells the Judge she hasn’t enough time or money to allow the visit to take place. Judge Raymond Gross gets irate and orders that the visitation take place. Telling Joni that she is in need of medication because her outburst and courtroom behavior is abnormal – then the Judge ends the hearing. Later I learned that Judge Gross Recused himself. Joni still didn’t let me see Jacklyn – and nothing happens.

So I had a court order allowing me visitation of Jacklyn – it meant nothing. Because Joni refuses me any kind of contact or visitation from since it was written in February of 2003 to September 2003 without any punishment from Pinellas County’s Sixth Circuit Family Court. And there the ones who wrote the order allowing me contact. So for eight months Joni refuses my attempts at contacting her and arranging visitations and the court that wrote the order – hears the contempt charges like in April and August but never does anything about it. I remind the court that I flew down to Florida in April, Joni refused the visit. I was there in June – Joni wasn’t. I was there in August – and at court – and again nothing. Pinellas County doesn’t do anything about it. So over a year goes by and I don’t see my daughter – and that’s with a court order allowing me.

So tell me who’s more to blame: Joan Dougherty for kidnapping my daughter and not letting me see her for over a year or Florida’s Sixth Circuit Court for writing a visitation order but never enforcing it?

Joni has refused me contact and visitation with my daughter Jacklyn since August – and this is December – so for over 4 mos….And I’ve been trying to get a hearing date from the Sixth Circuit Court of Pinellas County for the past 2 months now and I just learned that the Magistrate (Joe D. Lovelace) has recused himself (from the case) and the circuit judge who is now in charge of the case, George Jirotka - he isn’t setting any new hearing dates till after the new year… Ugh??? - So let’s get this straight - when a child is missing and hasn’t been seen by it’s father in over four months and even after the father requests a hearing – Pinellas County Court doesn’t get right on it and grant that hearing – no – it’s Judge, George Jirotka refuses to take any action and instead goes on an end of the year holiday break!!! Way to go George Jirotka – you are exactly what’s wrong with the Sixth Circuit Court…. Does anyone remember Judge George Jirotka??? He’s the Judge who refused to grant Jacklyn and me Christmas time together last year – but he makes sure he gets his –

It’s official – Pinellas County Court wrote an order in Feb 2003 allowing me visitation with my daughter but had no intention of enforcing it. For 5yrs Joan Dougherty refused me contact with my daughter, Jacklyn. And for 5yrs I took her to court for it. But Pinellas acts as if the order to allow visitations doesn’t exist. (See respondent’s motion for contempt denied) And the reason I know this is because last week, I was in court with one of its Judges, George Jirotka, and he had the original order (Judge Gross’ 2/13/03) that allowed contact each month between me and Jacklyn, he also had the Final Report (General Master Joe D. Lovelace’s dated 1/24/07) that finalized the divorce and allowed contact to continue, plus he, George Jirotka signed an order (4/13/07) that ratified and made the final order – final. But it was clear George Jirotka had no knowledge of the order he made final – “ visitation once a month”- he asked. In addition to that George Jirotka heard Joni testify that she changed her email address and received the 2 wk notice I mailed out for my December 2007 visit that she refused to make Jacklyn available for. Judge Jirotka also heard Joni’s testimony that she never refused visitation – but the Kissimmee Police report dated 12/07/07 showed different and then George Jirotka read the transcripts from my first motion of contempt back in April 2003, when then Judge Raymond Gross said for the record, that Joan Dougherty had refused visitation. Joni’s a liar. And the courts order(s) and all the time it took to write them are worthless because they don’t enforce them, even after 5yrs and at least 4 motions of contempt. My only question is this: Why would Pinellas County Court write such an order and then arrange court dates and hearings on them when they never intend to enforce them? It’s ridiculous, the Pinellas County Order allowing visitation between Jacklyn and me isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on – useless – just like them…

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