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Joan Dougherty - The Once Unemployed Homeless Woman Who Collected Florida State Aid (Food Stamps) Continues To Refuse To Comply With The Court Ordered Visitation - And Florida's Sixth Circuit Court Continues to Do Nothing About It.

Nov 2002 Court Transcripts - Lovelace "Joni Homeless + Unemployed"

Pinellas County Courts - Visitation Order Feb. 2003

The Outstanding Motions Of Contempt Against Joan Dougherty For Refusing Me Visitations With Jacklyn

Picture "General Master Joe D. Lovelace"

April 2003 Hearing - Pinellas Court Record Reflects Joni's Bizarre Behavior

Sixth Circuit Court Ignoring The Contempt Motions + Refusing To Enforce It's Own Visitation Order

Kissimmee Police Report May 25, 2006

PhD Report "Joan Mary Dougherty-Jacob Is A Liar"

Feb 27, 2008 Motion of Contempt Hearing. Page 1

Feb 27, 2008 Motion of Contempt Hearing. Page 2

Feb 27, 2008 Motion of Contempt Hearing. List of Exhibits Page

December 2007 Kissimmee Police Report - Exhibit "I"

Denied Motion of Contempt - Signed by George Jirotka 2/27/2008

New Judge Pam Campbell Restricts Visitation Without a Hearing or Motion and Signs Order Establishing Temporary Visitation on July 25, 2008

Joni Refuses the August 22, 2008 Visit - Still refuses to Send School and Medical Records and Judge Pam Campbell Doesn't do anything about it!

Emergency Motion for Christmas Visit Returned by Pam Campbell Dec 2008

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